Alaska’s McNeil River State Game Sanctuary sees the largest herd of brown bears come together. The gathering happens between June and August, because the bears come to fish for salmon in the river falls.

For a long period now, people have been visiting the same place, but trying to behave as predictably as they can, so they don’t distract the bears. Humans don’t have an unlimited access to the park. However, a limited number of them, or more specifically some lucky visitors, get to get closer to the bears and take pictures of them.

The video that you will see attached to this article is taken by Drew Hamilton, who is a tech worker at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at the Sanctuary. The day when he took the video was not on ordinary, usual one for him. He was sitting on his camping chair, relaxing, and looking at the sky when he noticed a big brown bear come and very calmly sit next to him. The bear yawns very calmly, as later he proceeds to join the herd of the other bears.

This was an incredible moment for Drew, and an incredible video for us to watch.