We all need some music in our lives, whether it is to listen to the music already made for us, or even play some instruments alone, and make music the way we want it.

This can be something that our neighbors might not enjoy, especially when the music is too loud.

Such is the case of this story in which the neighbors complained for noise of some sort. The owner of the dog in the story did not know where the noise the neighbors were complaining about was coming from, so he decided to put a “nanny camera”.

What he saw, came to surprise to him and the other neighbors. He caught the pet “pretending to play the piano”, and howling to go along with it.

Peter Borchelt, an animal behaviorist, said that the dog’s tendency to howl comes from their wolf-pack history. Therefore, they have the need to talk and to have fun in the company of other people.

As you can see in the video, the pup is keeping himself entertained and he does not care about anything else.

Watch the cute video of the pup and share it with friends and family to brighten up their days.