We all have had out bad day where everything seemed difficult to do. We just want to be lazy and not think about anything. Well animals have those days as well, and so did the dog in this video.

Dogs in general are used to us showing tricks and they learn immediately, they are very clever and are able to remember human’s faces and places they have been before. However, somedays they just don’t want to think and if not sure about how to act they will just wait for more instructions from their owners.

This dog shown in the video, is a very adorable and confused as he tries to get back in the house from having played outside. Usually, the patio door whenever he tries to come in is closed, but this time it seems that it was opened. The dog confused, did not want to embarrass himself and decided to stay just outside the glass door and wait for his parents to come and “rescue” him.

The dog waited patiently and was not doing to even try getting in. The family tried calling the god putting a treat next to the floor inside the door so he can try to get in, but nothing was working, the dog had made his mind that he will not even try. But soon after, the dad decides to approach the glass door, pretend that he is opening, and the dog lured in like a “boss” inside the house. The video showing this scene is hilarious and is adorable to watch the dog’s reactions.

But we must admit, sometimes it is difficult to notice whether a glass door is open or not, especially when it is super clean. Thus, the little pup was just trying to not embarrass himself rather, he decided to wait until he 100 % sure that there was no danger.