These tourists were in the Canadian coast when they were surprised to see this group of whales in the waters of Nova Scotia. While being in the open ocean the group was lucky to see that amazing scene in front of them.

The whales were so close to each other and were lined up in front of the boat so the tourists could see a very unique moment there.

One tourist that was there started recording the whales from the moment they surfaced near the boat.

Their guide seemed like he knew that something amazing was about to happen in the water. in the video the guide is heard screaming ‘It’s going to be a triple breach’.

Then suddenly the three whales swam away together.

The two started together after the other whale joins them and they swam with their massive tails rising into the air.

The whales were seen near the boat some minutes before they started to swim like that.

This is how they dived before they start launching.

The people there were so happy to see this. They were amazed and surprised how the whales actually moved in a perfect harmony with each other like they planned or synchronized something. Tourists cheered and screamed while watching the power and the beauty of the nature.

Click the video below to watch it: