Family reunions are the best. It feels so good to see someone again after a long time apart. That is especially true if that person has gone away for some military reasons.

That is when you not only miss but also worry about that person because of the dangerous situations they may be in.

Having that in mind, seeing emotional heart-warming videos is a good idea. The video below shows a toddler seeing his military mom for the first time in ages as she returns from deployment.

The woman ios US Air force staff and her young son’s reaction is so  emotional and touching.

It seems like he flies towards her as he sees her mother and gives her a big hug. They have only talked with each other only via a video link while she was away.

As she arrives, her son shouts ‘Mom’s here’ and starts running. His mother greets him and looks  a bit surprised  of how much he has grown while she was away.

Then her husband Bennet arrives and they family is reunited again. I am sure you all feel emotional when seeing them.

The other members of the family also come there and they all start greeting  and hugging each other. It would be nice for everyone to have families united like this.

Some brought flowers there and you can imagine how overwhelmed the woman was by seeing all the people there.

She was probably shocked how much her boy had grown. Six months is a long time when you have a toddler.

These moments took place in US state of Georgia, in the airport in Atlanta.

This is a very lovely video and it is worth watching and sharing it with others.