Children’s birthday parties can be fun and noise. Usually, at the parties there is food, music, fun activities and of course cake. At this birthday party, the fun activity was the Piñata contest, whoever gets to break it will be the first to pick the treats/goodies that are inside it. However, for the children seem to struggle with breaking it. Even though the beating was real and consistent, it seemed that they were not able to succeed. Well, no need to worry, a dog decided to come to the rescue!

The dog walked into the party and while he say the little boy struggling to break the Mario lookalike Piñata, the dog decided to step in. With his bravery and conviction the dog was able to break it and the children were all happy as they got to keep all the candy that was spilled from inside of it.

The children of course thanked the dog and all went to pet the dog.

Yet another time, a dog has saved the day!