As you all likely know by now, a Pit Bull and a Weiner are not similar breeds. In fact, they are very far away from one another in terms of many aspects. However, as the story has it, somewhere along the line, two dogs of those two breeds came together and had a puppy, known as Rami.

This video shows how adorable Rami turned our to be, and what a combination between a Pit Bull and a Weiner resulted on. The video is recorded at the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society, where Rami ended up.

This is not your everyday kind of dog. He is special and not shy. Rami is full of life, energetic, high-spirited, and very unique. He likes to move and not stay in one place. You can see that from the video in which he shows he likes being outside, going from one glass door to the other.

In fact, Rami was so popular in the shelter he was staying that they had to accept applications for his adoption. Watch this video and you will end up loving Rami as much as the people who wanted to adopt him did!

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