Rhami Zeini from Santa Barbara, California, was walking home from school when he noticed a black purse in the middle of the road. The 16-year old teenager opened it; much to his surprise, he discovered $10,000 inside.

Unable to find the owner’s phone number, he phoned his parents who took him to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. Someone inside the office was able to locate the owner and return the money.

Zeini said in a later statement that to him this looked like the right thing to do because had he been in the exact situation he would have wanted the other person to do the same. The owner of the purse was so grateful and gave Zeini $100 as a sign of appreciation. She believed to have left the purse on the roof of the car and driven off.

Local Teen Finds Purse with $10,000 dollars Inside and Turns it in to the Sheriff’s Office

In a world where we are bombarded with bad news, we are excited to share a positive story with you. On Wednesday, 16-year-old Rhami Zeini was driving home from school when he saw a purse in the roadway near Turnpike and Cathedral Oaks. When the Laguna Blanca High School junior looked inside the purse he saw a large amount of cash. He tried to find contact information with a phone number for the owner but could not. He got a hold of his parents and they drove to the Sheriff’s Office and returned the purse with $10,000 dollars inside!

Our Watch Officer was able to contact the owner who was very grateful, as you can imagine, to have the purse returned. She believes she left it on the roof of her car when she drove away. As a token of appreciation she gave the young man $100 of the cash. Thank you Rhami for doing so many things right from observing the purse in the first place, stopping to get it, contacting your parents for help and for turning it in.

Rhami said he was just doing what he would want someone else to do if he lost something valuable