We all have been exposed to the adorableness of dogs in general, they are loyal, cute and they love to show affection to humans and other animals as well. But not every day we witness a friendship between a Dog and an Owl. Well we shall all meet Ingo and Poldi!

Tanja Brandt is a professional photographer and she had dedicated most of her career to taking pictures of the relationship between Ingo, a German Shepherd and the tiny little owl named Plodie. The two seem to be inseparable thus, do everything together.

The baby owl was late to hatch from all his siblings as such as very vulnerable to predators in the wild, Ingo sensed that the little owl needed the held and was adopted. From that day on the two have become best friends and the relationship is growing everyday. The pictures and videos showing their every day life in Germany have attracted a number of people in social media.

Their owner Brant has even written a book about the relationship between these two adorable creatures, The name f the book is “ Where Love Flies.” The read talks about the inseparable relationship between the two, and it explains how the two met and everything started. The book has a number of photos and funny stories and adventures that Brant decided to share with the readers. For example, she talks about how Ingo is jealous when Plodi makes new friends and the way the handle the situation.

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Ein altes Bild.. Das WE war ein Traum. Mit so viel Sonne konnte man ne Menge Energie tanken. Heute Morgen aufgewacht und der Schock – Schmuddelwetter. Poldi hasst Schmuddelwetter und Poldi hasst nasse Füsse. Gandalf ist mindestens genauso schlimm. Wenns stürmt und regnet, fliegt er direkt zu irgendwem und versucht unter die Jacke zu krabbeln. Beim Spaziergang nehme ich ihn deshalb direkt unter meine Jacke. Bisher haben aber alle Menschen gelacht, wenn klein Gandalf in ihre Jacke kam – erschrocken hat sich niemand. Im Gegenteil. Alle wollten ihn direkt mit nach Hause nehmen 😉 Doch eine Frau…- die wollte in eine Brezel beissen und Gandalf ist abgedampft und hielt sich an der Brezel fest, in die die Frau beissen wollte und knötterte lautstark …;-) Er durfte die Brezel natürlich nicht haben … #nikonphotography #nikonphoto #nikon #animalphotography #animal #dog #rainyday #owl #owls #owlsofinstagram #friendship

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