A cute, little, injured dog was seen walking and hobbing the streets alone. The person who saw him limping immediately called “Hope for Paws” in hopes that they will help the poor dog. The latter drove to help the dog at the drop of a hat.

However, when they got there, something they did not expect happened. The dog was sitting at the side of the road, and whenever the rescuers started getting closer to him, the dog was running away. The rescuers had been told that the dog has gotten his injury from being hit from a car some days ago.

The dog was scared, and this was transmitted to the ones that were voluntarily trying to help him. So, as they got close, and the dog started running, the rescuers were scared he would reach a dangerous intersection, and the worst would happen to him. So they did all they could to get closer to the dog as soon as they could.

Youtube/Hope For Paws


Worried that the dog would be injured even more, the volunteers tried every possible way they could to provide aid to him. As such, as the dog was running, one of the volunteers caught him with a snare he had with himself. The dog resisted as much as he could, jumped all the time, trying to get away, but eventually calmed down.

The volunteers all together decided to name the dog. They named him Rio and eventually he realized they were there to help him, not hurt him.

At that moment, something hit the switch. The dog started jumping, wagging his tail, and playing with the rescuers, as if he were to be another dog altogether. In fact, he was a very friendly and affectionate dog, but the problem was that up to that point he had not trusted the rescuers from “Hope For Paws”.

Youtube/Hope For Paws


The story follows with Rio and rescuers going to the car, to which he jumped joyfully. He was so happy to be surrounded by the people who has rescued him and helped him get off the streets.

Later, the volunteers sent him to the hospital to do the x-rays. The results showed that the dog has head trauma and his leg was damaged by the accident he had, when he was hit by the car.

However, we are glad to tell you that with the treatment he received he recovered in a short period of time and was ready to be adopted.

The very good news is that he found his family, his forever home, where he lives very happy.

Youtube/Hope For Paws

Rio really adores his new home, and he gets to run around the garden that the new family owns. He makes use of the backyard to play with his favorite toys. His family has whole-heartedly accepted him, and does the very best to make him happy.

Watch Rio’s rescue and new life in the video below: