Niya has had a sad start in life, having been constantly abused and then abandoned. She was thankfully saved when she was brought up to the Gibson Country Animal Shelter in Trenton, Tennessee. Yes, shelters can be terrifying to the dogs, but they sure beat an abusive home or laying out in the cold.

Niya was difficult at first. She was terrified of everything and deeply depressed, despite the fact that she was finally safe and sound. This all stopped when Kimberley Slown came into her life. Slown worked for Arrow Dog Rescue, an organization aiming to find permanent homes for dogs. When she say Niya, she know the dog needed a home and a caring family.

The dog had a large gash above her eye and nose, and the latter looked most likely to have been caused by a tin used as a muzzle. When Slown came to pick her up, Niya wouldn’t move so they had to carry her to the car. Even while in the car, the dog was so terrified, she would keep her tail between her legs the whole time.

When she arrived in Slown’s house she ended up sleeping all day and all night. When she woke up, she was still terrified of everything surrounding her, and refused to interact with anyone nearby. It was very heartbreaking and a clear sign that she had gone through a lot.

The next night, something magical happened. While Slown was sleeping, she felt a warmth in her hand, as if someone was literally breathing near her. Waking up, she saw Niya nearby. Slown claimed that she had immediately started petting her and the dog seemed to like it, and eventually leaned in.

A few minutes later, Niya wandered off, but came back again with the same behavior. Slown said that she was on the verge of crying, it was too overwhelming. The dog who couldn’t trust a soul was beginning to show signs of thankfulness to her owner. What a cute dog! All there is left now is for Niya to heal physically and emotionally for she is finally safe.