Drew Harrisberg went to a shelter to adopt a dog only to find out that the dog has already been adopted by someone else. For this reason, he decided to check out the other dogs that were in the shelter. That is when a special sound caught his attention.

Drew heard what he calls a pig-seal squeal. He was wondering what kind of creature this shelter was keeping. He turned around to see that the sound was actually coming from a Pit Bull mix named Dennis and looked very excited to see Drew.

Drew went close to the dog and fell in love immediately. He had to have this talkative dog but as fate would have it, Dennis was already put up for adoption for someone else. That is why Drew though of another idea. He asked the shelter if he could foster Drew for two weeks before he gets adopted.

Although the shelter warned Drew that he will get attached to Dennis after spending more time with him, Drew decided to foster him anyway. The shelter was right; Drew got attached to the dog and fell in love with him. He loved him so much that he just couldn’t let him go and return to his new owners when it was the time to go.

The last thing Drew could do to keep the dog was to plead the new owners to let the dog stay with him. If you are interested to know what the owners told Drew about his request, watch the amazing video below. There is no other video you would like to watch today.