They say we ought to be careful among youngsters as they copy our moves identically. It so seems that baby elephants do the same! Surprise, surprise!

Little Suki is the cutest baby elephant living in the Chai Lai Orchid sanctuary in Thailand. She most certainly looks up to her human helpers at the sanctuary.

In the video, one can see Suki walking around with her mom as well as a man who keeps running and sliding on wet grass from time to time. Suki, impressed, decides to follow his steps and starts running after him and slide along with him- a behavior to which her mother doesn’t seem to approve that much. You can even hear her mother “yelling” every time she is done with the sliding attempt.

I think this is one of the few videos I will remember for quite a while as it has made me smile and warm up at the idea of two different species playing with one another.

Little Suki has most certainly found her companions and she loves to play around with them.

You can visit Suki and her family, and live with the elephants in the eco-lodge. It is worth stating that no humans were harmed while making this video!