We already know by now that dogs will do anything to protect their humans. They will, on occasion, even risk their lives to make sure their humans are okay and protected. It turns out however, that they can be great guidance when it comes to helping their baby humans’ transition into toddlers and walk.

The video, though short, is perhaps the sweetest thing you will see today. Witness a five-month old baby struggling to crawl across the carpet. While at first you might think he will never get it, his furry friend shows up in the perfect moment and decides to help out.

This adorable Jack Russell, noticing the baby’s failing attempts decides to show him how it is done. Teach by doing, basically. So he slowly demonstrates the whole technique, dragging himself through the carpet and perfectly pulls himself forward using his paws.

Though the child doesn’t notice for a while, he finally does, and the whole video is captured on camera by dad. Watch the sweetest teaching moment ever.