Ladies and Gentleman, meet Watson, the white boxer, who is so sure that he is part of the family, he might even confuse himself for a human.

In this adorable video, Watson comes across his human’s Croc shoes and decides to chip in and help break the shoes. Though most dogs to be honest would most probably take a different approach and decide to chew on them instead. His owner caught the whole scene on camera and decided to publish it with “Walking the Dog” hit of Rufus Thomas as a background theme song.

After having put the shoes on his front paws, Watson walks around the living room, never missing a beat or losing a shoe. In all my life, never have I ever come across a dog who owns walking in shoes like Watson does.

His owner, Enid Lemley told LittleThings that his dog is quite a smartie and can do quite a few tricks.

Watson was brought into the family home to serve as a service dog, but unfortunately got an autoimmune disease and didn’t fulfill that role. Instead, he has never failed to entertain his family and enjoy the finest things in life.

Enid jokingly said “Even though he is trained to be a service dog, turns out, he is my service human”.