Almost everyone loves butterflies. They are magnificent creature and legend has it that if you spot a butterfly landing on you, it means that a loved one is sending you a message (or a greeting) from the afterlife. When a butterfly landed on this husky’s nose however she wasn’t mystified or didn’t feel nostalgic but was rather freaked out by it.

Cymber Jane, the happy husky, lives with three other canine siblings but this recent encounter shook her up a bit.

Instagram: @fluffyhuskytales

Listen, I don’t blame her. I would perhaps be freaked out as well if a big-winged creature decided to land in front of my eyes as well. Lucky for this monarch butterfly, it landed on one of the most well-behaved puppies. We get the butterfly’s behavior too. It must have been tired from fluttering around all day, so landing on a cozy nose was for sure a nice way to rest for a while.

I am not sure whether Cymber feels lucky as well. As it starts to study the creature that has landed on her nose, she looks confused and a bit wary, until she starts cringing and feeling spooked out by it. Her face expressions are priceless!

Despite it being freaked out by the monarch butterfly, Cymber is very well-behaved. She doesn’t try to eat it or torture it but merely stares at it, trying to make sense of what has landed on her nose. Eventually, the butterfly flies off, and though it was a beautiful moment for both of them (not so much the husky), I am pretty sure Cymber was glad to have her nose back.