Do you know what LOL means? Most of you might say it is the acronym for “Laughing Out Loud”, and yes that is true. But LOL is also the name of what became a very famous Chihuahua. The story involves the volunteers of the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Kansas who were worried about a pregnant Chihuahua and wanted to help her to give birth. They were worried, in particular, because her belly was growing bigger than the others they had seen before, so they thought something was wrong with the Chihuahua.

Source: Facebook/Momma LOL Party of 11

Then, with the help of a foster mom, LOL went into labor and the puppies made their way into this world. And do you know why LOL’s belly was larger than that of the usual Chihuahua dog? Because she was carrying 10 little, adorable puppies. The foster mom kept counting: 1, 2, 3, ….10, until all the puppies made it out. That night, they all spent the night together, and the mom and the puppies seems to be in good health.

Source: YouTube

However, when they woke up the next day, and the foster mom was doing the morning check she counted the puppies again. There were 11, rather than 10 puppies. So, LOL had broken the record of the Chihuahua with the most puppies.

Source: YouTube

Please watch the incredible video of LOL, the Chihuahua, who gave birth to a record number of puppies.

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