It would be interesting to know an animal’s perspective on human behavior and our ridiculousness. A lot of what they observe must not make that much sense to them. Take weddings for example. They do not really make much sense if we stop and think about it; they are expensive, stressful, and involve quite some family drama. To an animal that is not accustomed, this might look even stranger.

And why exactly would animals see people getting married? Well because some of them might choose to say their vows in a zoo. Though to me this doesn’t make much sense unless one is using wedding as a metaphor for permanent captivity (hopefully not), some people still do it. Reddit user u/DrBaumli captured a couple’s wedding photo at a zoo. The funniest thing about it is the background and the bear’s expression that makes one think whether it has any objection.

Additional photos were shared on Imgur by Chris and Kristy photography and throughout them all the bear looks as if in another life, he had been in love with the bride, and is now deeply saddened by the fact of getting to see her get married.

Even DrBamuli agrees that the bear looks devastated and he said that is precisely why he decided to post that photo on social media. Even the groom agrees that the bear might be in love with his wife. Ah, life! But there are worse things out there for sure!