Recently, a couple was faced with a hard decision as they were driving down a highway- stop and risk their lives to save a tiny cat or continue on like it’s not their business. Luckily for the cat and for humanity in general, they chose to do the noble thing and put their lives at risk.

The event took place in a traffic-packed highway in Bangkok, Thailand when Teera Potisat was heading home with girlfriend, Kessarapawn Inpang. Amidst the traffic, they spotted something rather unusual. They just knew they had to stop.

So they decided to pull to the side of the highway and jumped out of the car and into the rescue mission. The cars coming toward them had to come to a stop. This act of bravery ended up saving a tiny kitten’s life who found itself stuck in the highway on rush hour.

Inpang even got to record the whole event on her phone. Other drivers were also coming to the kitten’s rescue and tried to help her out of a stuck car.

Potisat took the kitten on his hands and spoke to it softly, petting it away from pain. It was clear right there and then that they would not stop at this for they had already fallen in love with the creature.

The stray cat didn’t mind becoming part of the couple’s lives as soon as they got into the car. She made herself comfortable on Inpang’s lap almost as soon as she was in the car. Inpang is known for her love toward cats- especially Persians. She is recently also advocating toward the adopt-don’t shop idea.

Inpang said that this is the first instance in which she has adopted a cat she saved, even though she has thought about doing it even before. She claims that it was perhaps a sign from the universe telling her time had come to switch philosophies and start adopting.