The social media is loving the newest additions to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The feathery cute animals have people turn their heads and stare for a while.

A video of the new flamingos added to the zoo, hanging out and walking with their parents, has gone viral and trending on social media. Just to give you a picture, one of the videos has been watched more than 400,000 times, and shared multiple times.

Last weekend, the zoo debuted two flamingo chicks, and videos of them

“We’re just tickled pink people are enjoying them,” said JJ Vitale, a social media manager of the zoo.

He also added: “Down here in Florida we know flamingos have a special place in our hearts with Publix subs, palm trees and Lilly Pulitzer dresses.”

The visitors who come to the zoo can check one of the flamingos, the younger one, who is there with her parents. However, the other one is being hand-reared by the zookeepers since she has been abandoned by her parents. By the way, both flamingos are female.