Jarrett Little was on a cycling ride with his friends near Columbus, Georgia when they decided it was time for a break. All of a sudden, upon their stop, a sweet puppy crawled out of the woods. He appeared to be super friendly and it was clear he needed some human contact.

The cyclists took a look at the pup and it didn’t take them much to realize the dog needed immediate medical care. He was nothing but skin and bones, covered in road rash and suffering from a bleeding leg that appeared to be broken. They realized that he’d probably been hit by a car and left to die alone.

Jarrett decided that there was no way they could leave the pup there. It was getting dark outside however and they were around 7 miles from town. They decided to initially share all the food and drinks they had with the pup.

Since his bike was the only means of transportation, Jarrett hoisted the dog onto his back and paddled toward town for 7 miles, hoping to find a veterinarian’s office or an animal’s shelter nearby.

The dog remained calm throughout the ride, as if assured that a guardian angel has come to rescue him and he was going to be okay. Still, those 7 miles were no easy journey.

The dog’s life was about to change as soon as the pair stopped midway throughout the journey at a bike shop to get some water. They saw a woman there named Andrea. Andrea was on a visit in this area as she was originally from Maine. She immediately fell in love with the pup and decided to adopt him right there and then.

The dog got stiches on his broken leg and for now wears a casts. He moved to Maine and now lives in a farm together with his owner and other animals of the farm. He seems to be living his best life.

What a journey!