Dogs are known to be passionate about music. Some like to howl along while others like to sway to the sound of the music.

In this cute video, we can see dad listening to his favorite song. In the beginning, he is idly relaxing on the couch with his dog. As the music starts to become more upbeat however, dad begins swaying his head and follows the rhythm. He even encourages the dog to follow along with the beat, and to our surprise, he does! The dog starts imitating dad and his moves.

Perfectly in sync, the pair dances together and sways along with the music. The dog stretches his front paws to keep his balance intact as he follows the beat and tries to keep up with dad’s moves.

They don’t realize however that mom is just on the other room, recording the whole thing. Once they realize they are having an audience, the pair blushes and stops their goofy cute dance.

This is most probably the sweetest video of a human-dog pair dance.