Dogs are amazing creatures and we as humans can really learn some lessons from them. They are all about living in the moment and going through life one day at a time. There is no finer example of this than that of Winky, the agility dog. The pooch’s video is breaking the internet as it seems to perfectly fit the caption of “take it slow, live life one day at a time.”

At the Westminster 2019 Masters Agility Championship Preliminaries, the dog decided to show the audience what marching to your own drum means exactly.

Agility is a fun course which is centered around speed and accuracy. Dogs are taken through a course with obstacles where they have to weave, run, jump, and more. With around 14-20 obstacles on average, the fastest dog with the fewest “mistakes” will win the race.

Do not tell this to Winky however. The cute little Bichon Frise took his time slowly, even pausing in the middle of the race to look at the audience, completely undisturbed of his surrounding and the race.

To put things into perspective, the fastest dog completed the course in 32.05 seconds whereas it took Winky a whooping 192 seconds as he clearly took his time engaging the audience.

After all who needs speed if you can spread laughter like this little one.