When soldiers serve away from their home country to a foreign land, most of them end up befriending locals. Most of these locals are humans, yet some of them are locally found animals too, most commonly dogs.

One day a while ago when a medevac pilot named Nick Pierzchalsk was serving on Iraq, he randomly met a one-year-old Shepherd mix stray who walked up to him in the most friendly manner possible and started playing with him. Nick fell immediately in love with the dog. They named her Airys and she proved to be a huge morale booster for the camp.

The crew members fed Airys on a daily basis and even build her a kennel inside their camp. When it was time to return to the US, Nick’s friends kept persisting on Nick to bring Airys along with him, and adopt the dog.

Nick simply knew that he was too in love with the dog to leave her behind. He wanted her to have a happy life, chasing squirrels, surrounded by peace and greenery.

With SPCA’s help, Nick was able to fulfill his dream and managed to fly Airys in the United States territory. The pair’s amazing reunion at the Tampa airport was covered live by Fox 13 News.

The video shows that Airys recognizes her friend almost immediately upon their reunion. She starts wiggling her tail and whines constantly as a sign of happiness. How cute are they!