Crosby is a dog who seems to love his canine friends, especially kitties. He is used to living with animals for his whole life; he recently had to say goodbye to two of his best friends.

Crosby’s owner said that around six months ago Crosby had lost his kitty friend and just a month ago he also lost his dog best friend who was his companion since Crosby was eight months old.

Crosby’s owner thought that the dog was doing okay as a single dog until one of these days when he came home and instead of welcoming him the usual way, the dog just directed the man to the bath tub.

Right away, the owner was greeted by a very meow and chatty cat. The owner knew he had never seen this kitten before and she was too small to have jumped through the dog door. He knew then that Crosby must have brought her in.

She does resemble the kitty that the dog lost around 6 months ago though.

The man went around the neighborhood asking whether anyone knows whether this kitten belongs to someone. He even took her to the vet to see if she is microchipped. She wasn’t. She was however spayed just a few days ago and is around 4 months old.

The vet warned the man that if he was to take the kitten to the shelter she would probably be set down as the shelter is overflowing and doesn’t have enough capacity to sustain more cats.

Knowing that is something he couldn’t accept and that Crosby was very fond of her, the man took the kitten home.

Crosby seemed to be over the moon about this and spent the night with the cat. He finally has someone to cuddle with and isn’t alone anymore.

We are so happy for Crosby.