A heartbroken mother was forced to say goodbye to her puppy who had been adopted in central China. The mixed-breed stray pooch had been under the care of students at the Zhengzhou University, and had given birth to a litter of seven puppies mid-September.

The video that was filmed on Monday shows the mother giving one final kiss and face licks to one of her puppies who is going to live with a family in Central China.

The female owner was seen walking away with the pup towards the scooter while the dog mom followed behind. Tail down, ears hanging down, the mother looked depressed and it seemed as if she was begging for one final moment with her child.

The owner lowered the pup to the mother who used the opportunity to kiss and lick his face one last time.

The owner is heard reassuring the mother by saying “Don’t worry, I will take good care of your puppy”.

The mother then turns away but not before looking back at her puppy one last time. The video has trended online and many users say that the moment is so moving, it might as well have been from a movie scene.

They also wondered why can’t both of them be adopted together as this is one of the saddest thing to watch.