We all love a time to treat ourselves, some of us enjoy to get massages or get into a hot tub however, until now we could not have said the same that the dogs want to do the same as well.

Well, this video shows as that dogs love and enjoy getting into a hot tub as well. Some pups seem to love such treat and love relaxing in the bubbly warm water.  We can still say that dogs in general either love or they hate the contact with the water. Some still hate to even take a bath or even touch the water. However, after this video we can say that we are never to make a generalization that all dogs hate the water or they will never want to be left in a warm bubbly water to relax.

In the video, we are noticing the reactions that the dog had as soon as the dog got into the jacuzzi. The dog seem to have loved every minute of it, as it is shown humming and twirling around the water as nothing else matter at the moment. The dog was definitely enjoying this experience and at times it even makes us feel that we want in the fun as well. At the end, everyone love to be treated with a time where they can get to relax!