People usually use the internet or scroll down on social media to get away with the everyday stress. There are many cute and adorable videos of cats and dogs doing funny things and making us laugh. However, there are also other stories that are sad to see. These videos are not there to bring us down, but to show us that not everything is flowery and happy in real life. A dog owner decided to share his own story..

Christina Young has recently lost her dog, Petey after a tragic mistakes has occurred and cost his life. She shared her story in the internet to make other pet owners aware that what happened to her can be prevented and that this mistake has already happened in our homes.

Facebook/Christina Young

One day when Young came back home she though she is going to see her dog as she usually did. However, her boyfriend, Christian had some devastating news to tell her. Young posted this on her Facebook account:

“As [Christian] walked in further he saw our sweet boy laying lifeless with a stupid chip bag over his head. He was able to get them off the counter that we will forever blame ourselves for leaving out. He ate every chip out but of course went back for crumbs…which made the bag tighter and tighter with there being nothing left inside every time he would go for more he would inhale making the bag tighter & tighter around his head.. ultimately resulting in suffocation.”

Young had no idea how this happened. She kept wondering why didn’t Petey pull the bag off his head with his paws. She knew that Petey was very smart. After what happened to her, she did a research by herself and found out that no one ever talks about this. She wants everyone to be aware of what happened to her and make sure they don’t make the same mistake. She wants to spread her words so that the other people who own pets will make sure they never leave any potato chip, popcorn, cereal, bread or dog treat bags around the place. They can be very dangerous for the animals.

Facebook/Christina Young

“3-5 pet suffocation’s get reported every week and 42% of those occur while the owner is in the next room. It only takes about 3 minutes for their oxygen to drop to fatal levels. With this happening so often we were so surprised by the lack of awareness on this topic out there.”

What’s even worse is that parents are not aware and have no idea how dangerous these food items can be.

Young and her boyfriend want to spread awareness so that this tragic thing doesn’t happen to the other dogs.

Facebook/Christina Young

“So I just ask that in honor of my boy Petey that you be extra careful, warn other dog owners & give your fur babies some extra love today and every day after this. I pray none of you ever have to experience your heartbreaking this way. We love you papas you were the best boy in the whole world & we will remember our good times forever”

Please share this story so that the others will be aware of such danger and hopefully prevent such things from happening.