Weimaraners, the gray coated dogs with weary expressions and a unique beauty are known to be very kind and loving toward their humans- big humans and little ones alike. Needless to say, such descriptions classify them as perfect to have in a family. This is exactly what a couple from Barcelona, Spain recently discovered.

For nine months straight, the dog, Frame waited and waited for the mother human to give birth already. He lay against her belly, patiently waiting to meet the newest family member. When the birth day arrived, the family took all necessary precautions to make sure Frame would be on his best behavior when he meets the baby. The dog’s reaction could not have been any better.

Now, Frame and baby love each other to death and love to cuddle with each other. Thinking it would please online viewers as it pleased them, the family decided to share photos of the newest relationship online. And they weren’t wrong. We are absolutely in love with them too.

Below are some scenes of the friendship and love that exists between the two. And bonus, you will also get to see the first time Frame met with the baby.

Lovely friends! We wish all the best to Frame’s family and hope that the two will grow up to be best buddies forever. Do you have a photo of your dog and your child that you would like to share as well? Please feel free to write in the comments.