It is not every day that we see people play golf together with their dogs. Well, this was not a usual day on a golf course, a man took his dog to accompany him at the golf course and everything that happened next made out for hilarious viral video.

For most people, playing golf is a very serious sport that requires focusing and technique, however, for this man’s dog this was just another day at the park playing catch with its daddy.

In the video, we can see that as the dad sets up his potion to make a shot for his play, very serious and focused to get the ball into the right hole, his dog seemed to have been waiting patiently only to hear the club’s swing and wait for a signal to run for the ball. And that is what the dog did, as both the dog and the dad watched the ball fly after the swing, the dog immediately after runs as he hears his dads command to retrieve the ball from the hole.

From the video, we can notice that the dog is potentially a Spaniel, a very loyal dog who ran as fast as it can be in order to make its daddy proud once retrieving the ball from the hole.

Who said that playing golf if not fun?! Dog’s seem to love it and so should we!