Meet Yogo everyone- a dog with a fur AND a heart of gold as it turns out. It turns out, he is a hero too however.

One of these days, Yogo was enjoying sunbathing when he heard a distressed noise from the pool. His owner, Mariana Corti and her partner also woke up from their sleep. Corti told a radio station that the couple had woken up to distressed noises coming from the pool. When they investigated closer they saw a pigeon had fallen in and was fighting for his life.

Then, to everyone’s surprise, Corti got to witness her dog, Yogo, jumping in to the pool, clearly deciding he is not going to watch and stay idle as a creature needs help.

Yogo gently pulled the bird out of the pool and allowed him to fly away peacefully. He quite literally saved his life and made his owners proud.

Yogo’s gesture in this time of need seemed almost of an animal instinct. To those who don’t know him at all, it sure represents the good side of the dog and his generosity.

Corti was so proud of his dog, she even wrote on her social media how much she loves her dog and how proud she is of him.