We have heard many instances of dogs saving their favorite humans. Rarely however have we come across news where dogs have been compassionating towards other animals. Such was the case with Storm and Mark one day as they were walking down the park. Storm saw a fawn in the water, struggling to keep afloat. Of course, the pooch jumped to save the drowning deer.

Instinctively, Storm jumped into the water, grabbed the deer by the collar and brought it back to the shore. Once safe on land however, Storm decided to check if his friend was okay by nudging him.

While the circumstances as to how the fawn ended up in the water remain unclear, we know that the ending would have been much more tragic if the dog wasn’t there to save him. The fawn was taken to an animal shelter to be checked and then was safely released back into the wild.
Needless to state, Mark, the dog’s owner was very proud of his dog. So proud that he decided to give Storm a treat- a trip to the Doggy bakery where Storm could pick any cookie he liked.