Sometimes we need something, be it a news or an occurrence in our surrounding to make our days. If you’re looking for something to make your day, this is an article you must read. It talks about Jojo, a dog that has had a horrible accident and then had to take surfing as therapy.

We know that you might think of all the times you tried surfing and how difficult it seemed to start, let alone do it. However, we agree that Jojo might have an advantage because of the four legs that he has that might help him keep the balance. But don’t think it was easy for him as well. He had to practice a lot to become this good at it.

And unlike many of us, he did not start surfing for fun, but as a therapy.

The story started 3 years ago when Jojo and his owner went walking and they were attacked. Jojo almost did not survive the attack due to the serious injuries that he has suffered.

Jojo was directly sent to the vet, and then with his help, he started regaining his strength and good help. A lot of hydrotherapy was involved.

Therefore, for Jojo surfing was not joy and pleasure, but recommended from the vet. He and the family knew that was the only way for him to regain his strength and mobility and therefore started it without questioning.

As you might also imagine, Jojo was terrified after the horrible attack that he had gone through. However, hydrotherapy helped him find peace in the water. It helped him so much, he enjoyed doing it, and now has become so good at surfing.

He also competes in contests now, because he has become so good at it, and has won many prizes since then, including the Purina Challenge and the Huntington Dog Competition.

However, this is not it for Jojo. He’s also become a therapy dog, and helps other people get out of difficult situations emotionally, or even motivates them to fight for their health.

Jojo is such a good example to follow. He has fought hard for himself, and continues to work hard and to help the others.

His pictures and story have gone viral, and everyone fell in love with this adorable little pup.

Watch the video below to understand more about Jojo’s story.