Rudy was one of the million pups who are left on a dog shelter each year. Unlike other dogs however, Rudy had suffered inexplicable traumatizing events that have left him unable for adoption in the eyes of the public. Her sufferings included severe beating, a broken hip, mange, and an ear and eye infection. She was in such a pitful state, and with little hopes of survival, she was scheduled to be put down.

Miraculously however, the dog was spared by Houston Street Dogs just a few hours prior to his scheduled death row. Watching him escape death row and wiggle his tail as he got to enjoy his first meal was the best thing in the world at those moments. This no way however meant that Rudy’s journey back to a healthy state was over. For months he underwent different treatments, injections, and medications as attempts to cure his various physical issues.

With love, care, and medical treatment, Rudy  transformed from a diseased dog to a full-fur, big-smiled dog who is ready for adventures that await him. A big problem however remained. Rudy needed a complete him replacement in order to live life as a normal dog. And this was no easy task. His broken hip prevented him from moving and running efficiently as he normally would have.

Houston Street Dog started a YouCaring campaign in an attempt to raise the needed funds to go forward with Rudy’s operation. The good news is that they have already surpassed their initial financial goal. We hope the surgery will be successful and Rudy will get up and going in no time. That dog for sure needs it.