We have all been in situations where we have completely lost it when a song we love comes on radio.

This dog in the video, fell asleep in the car trying to keep up with her mom singing lullabies. Once Michael Jackson starts playing on the radio however, nobody is getting any sleep, it seems. Honey is riding in the car with mother Melissa and is calmly sitting on the passenger seat as the mother sets up the camera on the car’s dashboard.

She turns on the radio to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There”, and she is very much aware of what is going to happen. Once she hears the song, Honey cranes her neck back and beings to howl quite relentlessly.

And let’s face it. It is one thing for the dog to recognize the voice in a song. It is another for her to realize the very beginning notes of it. Come to think of it, dogs are pretty smart.

Even though Honey’s howling starts fading slowly, Melissa joins in singing until she can’t manage to keep a straight face anymore.

Though the video ends just as the first phase of Honey’s excitement ends, we sure hope she will continue to serenade her family and the world with her cute tunes.