To all of those who own pets, will know that we love our pets unconditionally and any thought of us losing them would drive us crazy. Let alone actually losing them! This awful idea materialized in reality for a family when their dog went missing.

Paula William’s family dog, Kace, went missing one afternoon when the family let her outside to go to the bathroom. When they went to pick her up, she was no longer there. To make matters worse, a week after Kace went missing, the family’s town in Texas experienced a blizzard and the town was covered in 20 inches of snow. The family was sure that Kace would have most probably not survived the blizzard.

Over a month later, Paula was stuck behind a school bus when Kace emerged behind two little girls. Paula screamed on top of her lungs “Hey, that is my son’s dog”.

Thankfully, the little girls’ family had taken Kace in during the blizzard time and had kept her safe. If it hadn’t been for them, Kace wouldn’t have survived the snow.

Happy and relieved to have found him, Paula took the dog home to Kahne, her six-year-old son who was beyond surprised. Kahne was actually the one to pick Kace up, and the pair has been inseparable ever since. Needless to say, the reunion was emotionally charged for both of them.