Picture yourself in this situation- it happens often enough that you come home to an empty fridge. You are tempted to blame other residents but they do not want to take the blame in any way. Do you believe them? Luckily, one woman decided to put an end to this mystery and solve the issue once and for all.

Through a live-stream camera that was connected to her iPhone, she could not only see the culprit but also record them, catch them guilty-handed so to speak. It turns out however that the felon was a furry puppy! Yes, you heard that right indeed. It turns out this little prick had figured out how to open the fridge and have access to all the treats that it wants.

Naturally, it is difficult to blame the pup in this situation so this woman decided to act differently and put a lock on the fridge’s door. We hope this will stop the puppy from stealing (if we can call it that).