Music is like paradise to our ears. Most of us enjoy to listen to music, and our pets too. But, it seems like sometimes dogs, just like us humans, have enough of music. The dog of the story seems to have had enough of his human sister’s flute practice, and his reaction is hilarious. Good thing the reaction is caught on video and we get to enjoy it!

As all the moms resent the say when their kids walk in with a recorder. They no longer remain silent and do homework, but music blasts all around the house. At that time, most of the parents want their children to become babies again and think they can handle them screaming better.

The majority of the children lost interest very fast and stop either playing or listening to music. However, some really take it seriously and they spend days and days of constant practice, whether it is to sing or play an instrument. Such is the case of the girl in this story who plays the flute.

Taken all her years of experience to sound this good, it means that she went through a lot of times in which she was not this good. Her dog and best friend was there all the time, in the good and the bad times. But it seems like now he has had enough of the flute, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Don’t humans just understand he has had enough? He needs some time off, and needs to rest from his human sister practicing.

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