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You have most probably heard of Zola before. Residing in the Dallas Zoo, many people know Zola for his amazing dance skills and tricks that Zola does behind the scenes of the zoo.

The Dallas Zoo in fact tries to keep the animals busy and constantly enriching themselves whenever they are out of sight from the audience. Enrichment helps with providing a better environment for animas like Zoa and might even call for a happier life. For many animals enrichment might take on different forms but for Zola it involves playing and swimming in a blue pool.

The pool is all he needs to release the energy that he has inside and dance like nobody is watching. As soon as his limbs hit the water, Zoa goes in a Splash-dance mode, letting the water splash all over his body, and well sadly, all over the floor too.

After all, a hot summer day calls for twirling around in the pool, making moves like nobody is watching in an attempt to refresh from the heat. Zoa seems to be doing just that, enjoying every single minute like he is in his natural habitat.

People are also very thrilled with Zoa and are happy someone took this footage and posted it online.

One of the commenters posted on the Dallas Zoo channel:

“This is my new “go to for a smile” video! Everybody should spin in a giant tub now and then. The world would be a happier place.” and another person adds, “That made my day better. I don’t recall the last time I had that much fun. The zoo must be doing something right to have such a happy gorilla.” and we totally agree.”

We agree with you anonymous commenter.