Huskies are known for being a very talkative breed. Mishka for example is able to process exactly what her mom is saying to her and takes the time to respond with a tone of voice that makes sense within the situation. We have all seen dogs that talk but Mishka most definitely takes it to a whole different level.

Mom starts off by telling Mishka “I love you” to which the dog responds loud and clear “I wuv you” back. She then proceeds to ask her “Are you pretty?” and “Do you love me?” Mishka seems to get super excited every time that a question is asked and responds with the same howls and enthusiasm.

The next question however is the funniest one. The mom asks the dog “Are you stupid?” to which Mishka responds clearly with a “Nooo” and walks away from the conversation. This last part had me laughing aloud, and I am sure it will have you bursting too.