It is never a dull moment in the Judge Judy’s show, we have been witnesses of many interesting stories that the judge has to intervene, nevertheless not one time we had a case where the custody of a dog was in question. This is a very unique case!

We all know that the love between the owner and their dog is unconditional, the bond that is created between them can last forever and when one is found in a situation that the might have to be separated from one another, it is not easy. One will fight to the end for this not to happen!

Judge Judy show, an American courtroom reality show is very famous because of the main character, Judge Judith Sheindlin. This judge, has won everyone over because she is very practical and she tries to solve court cases by using simple techniques. The same was also done for this case, she found a simple solution to identify who should claim the ownership of the dog, and this is why the video has become a hit in the social media.

Baby Boy is the dog who is the attention of this court session that both “owners” want to keep for themselves. The defended says that she brought Baby Boy home after she had bought the dog in the street. On the other hand, the plaintiff says that the god was sold without his knowledge and he would like the dog back.

Judge Judy, just like always she thought fast and decided that the only way to settle this case was to bring the dog in the court room and he can decided who his owner is.

Watch the video to see who the dog picks and make your own judgment if the situation was solved in a correct manner or not!