Bob Hoelter from Griffith, Indiana decided to take a two-mile trip to his local store on foot one frigid winter evening. He is now thankful he decided to take the trip as if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to save this pup whose mouth had been closed shut.

He said that usually he would drive to the store but that night he was up for some exercise.

As Hoelter crossed a bridge he heard a noise which intensified and seemed to be coming from under the bridge. Hoelter said it was like a whimper, the saddest one he had ever heard. He said at first he had difficulties locating where the noise was coming from. He had looked near the water but he couldn’t see it. He could however hear it very clearly.

Griffith Animal Hospital

It seemed like the cries were coming from under the bridge. So, completely unsure as to what he was about to find, the man crawled under the culvert.

He said he even took his flashlight out to help him see, as he would usually carry one with him. Then, he finally saw it!

Mary and Doug Witting

Standing next to him was a shivering puppy, looking up at the man. What surprised Hoelter more however was the fact that the pup’s mouth had been shut with a tape!

Mary and Doug Witting

He knew he had to act now. Given Griffith Animal Hospital wasn’t far away, he threw the dog his jacket as to keep him warm, picked him up, and began walking toward the hospital as fast as he could.

Doug Witting

Lori Kovacich, the Hospital’s manager said that she will never forget the moment the man walked in through the hospital’s lobby that one night.

Horrified, Kovacich went up to the man, picked the puppy up and took him straight to the veterinary unit for a check-up. She said she even forgot to get the man’s number and contact information out of the stress she was facing.

Hoelter, happy that the pup was okay, headed back to his original destination.

The staff went to work on the pup. He was emaciated and the tape that had been around his mouth for days had severed some of the skin underneath. The staff estimated that the tape must have been there for days.

The team removed the tape off the four-month-old puppy, gave him some antibiotics and ointment and set him on a puppy bed.

The staff even found that the pup had a severed broken leg which would require surgery. They suspected that someone had thrown the pup from the bridge with the intention of throwing him in water, but had missed, and the pup had hit the ground instead.

Kovacich was so upset she claimed that in 30 years working there, she had never seen such cruelty before.

She even posted in on her Facebook page which immediately got the attention of Mary Witting and her husband, Doug, who had recently lost their puppy. They had promised themselves to never get a dog again, but seeing this story, the decided to go to the hospital and immediately decided on adopting him. They named him Louie.

I thought, ‘That cute little face, he needs me. I can give him 24/7 love, and I need him,’” said Witting.

One thing that was bothering everyone however was the fact that they had never gotten the name of the man who had saved Louie. Then the man’s niece caught the post on Facebook and helped uncover the mystery man’s name.

Then on the emotional reunion day, Louie recognized Hoelter, who was surprised as he was pretty sure the pup would have forgotten about him.

He even gave Hoelter lots of love and kisses. Hoelter says he is happy that the pup has found a new home.

He is thankful that he decided to take a trip on foot to the local store that day. He considers it a divine intervention, as otherwise this pup wouldn’t have been here. He is also thankful to the hospital staff who had welcomed and treated the pup immediately.

“It makes me think God has a purpose for everyone, to be honest with you. We all have our calling. I’m going to have to walk more often, but I sure don’t want to find more dogs under the bridge”- Hoelter claimed.