Celebrities are known for their short lasting relationships but there is some ray of hope still. Some celebrities are actually very committed and manage to make it last.

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Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne Buydens are still together after 64 years.

Douglas is 101 now and Buydens is 99. Even in their old age they are still the couple goals everyone aspires to have. They have been recently spotted in wheelchairs in California.

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The couple married in 1954 and has two sons, Peter and Eric. Douglas has also had two other kids from the previous marriage.

Douglas has always considered himself as the bad boy but Anne has always known how to handle him.

He revealed for the Guardian that Anne has once made a party and has invited all the women she knew he has slept with.

Speaking of that, Douglas said: “I couldn’t believe it when I walked in and saw the guests,” he said, adding: “Ah! She knows everything.”

They have published a book called Kirk and Anne: Letters of Love, Laughter and a Lifetime in Hollywood.

It is a collection of letters that the two have written to each other during their marriage. It was initially planned to include letters he received from celebrities over the years including Barack Obama and Frank Sinatra, but then they found the old love letters.

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USA today writes that one from the spring of their courtship saw Douglas trying to make things up after they argued about something.

“It’s been a bad day for me and probably a worse one for you … but I hope that you are here to read this and that I find you when I get back. Suddenly it seems stupid that I am going to dinner without you – because believe it or not I love you!”

It seems like he knew how to grovel.