Anyone who owns a dog and leaves them when they have to go to work will understand the following story. Dogs are loving creatures and wait for us to come back from work, occasionally throwing us a party in their own way whenever we make it back. They wag their tails, squeak and run around, and come to lick our faces as a sign of appreciation that we have made it home.

And then there’s this dog! Every time his owner who resides in Brazil comes back from work, the pair have a very cute ritual, where the man proceeds to kiss the dog’s paw as a reunion gesture. The dog responds to this gesture in the cutest way possible; extending its front legs, the dog places them in the man’s shoulders, and the two engage in the cutest embrace ever, happy to be with each other again.

It is so cute that this video captures the whole emotion and we as a third-party audience get to witness a moment of pure love and joy between a human and his cute dog.