Jagger Long was on his way to a local grocery story in Toronto, Canada, when he spotted his neighbor’s  adorable Dacshund, Oliver, strutting down the sidewalk. Oliver was holding on to a strange package in his mouth, and Jagger instinctively took his phone out to record this rare sight!

As Oliver came closer, Jagger realized that Oliver was actually carrying a McDonald’s bag. The dog seemed to be walking alone at first, but he soon spotted Jessica Reanne, Oliver’s mom, following him closely. The dutiful pooch was simply assisting his busy mom with her daily errands!

Oliver often volunteers to help Jessica by doing small tasks and chores. He might be a small sausage dog, but he is wise beyond his years and always wants to make his mom happy. The hardworking pooch feels very accomplished whenever Jessica lets him “deliver” food takeouts!

With his tiny limbs and adorable gait, Oliver looks incredibly charming as his mom’s personal “delivery executive”! We have fallen in love with his single-minded focus and dedication to carry out a successful delivery. What a good boy! Jessica is one lucky mom!

Click the video below to watch Oliver’s adorable strut as he attempts to deliver Jessica’s precious “cargo”!