Claude Alff had stepped out for lunch in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg when he spotted the weirdest things of her life.

A rat was running up the street! Though he had never witnessed a rat running freely in the city’s streets on broad daylight, he brushed it off as a normal occurrence and continued his journey. Little did he know that this was no ordinary rat, oh no!

Claude Alff

As he was crossing the street, he noticed a small stripped cat next to him as well as the rat. Alff took out his phone and started filming as he could sense some sort of tension between the two animals.

He had expected the cat to go ahead and confront his would-be prey. Things however got a little strange as suddenly the rat was a game changer and started to fiercely chase the fluffy predator more than five times his size. He even refused to back down.

Claude Alff

Not only was the rat not scared of the cat, he even chased the feline all the way down to the sreet. Alff of course had to cheer for the brave rodent. He said that the tables have turned so interestingly and the scenario evolved in a completely different way from what he had initially imagined. He even thought to himself “poor rat” as the rat was about to be chased by this feline now, but imagining just the opposite- the rat chasing the cat-well he never thought of that.

Alff realized that the video is a rare occurrence and he had to share it with the world, so he decided to post in on YouTube claiming that this video is a jackpot and he feels like he has won the lottery for you don’t get to see things like this every day.