The Taiwanese Police Department recently has recruited the most adorable trainees it ever had before. The department was joined by cute little puppies named: Fushin, Schumann, Feida, Yige, AJ and Liang. The pups as soon as they were brought to life, they already had a workplace and colleagues waiting for them. These dogs, will go through special training in order to join the Police Department in Taiwan and help their colleges on the job.

The adorable pups will go through the training and if they pass they will join the K-9 unit just like their parents did, who now are already serving local dogs. The tradition to employ dogs in order to serve in the station has been a tradition or Taiwan , and the 6 little pups will just continue this tradition.

The puppies seem to have already started their training, where they are learning about narcotics and discipline in order to best help the department on the job. From the 6 it seems that some have more potential to become very successful and have other skills as well than others. But overall, It is expected that the 6 will give their contribution!

Good luck to all of the little adorable puppies as they embark in this important training and hope that they will serve the community for the betterment of Taiwan!