We’ve often been accused of being stern, or even rude, here in NYC. But one canine New Yorker won’t let that stop her from spreading a little sidewalk cheer.

Meet Loubie (Louboutina), named after French fashion designer Christian Louboutin, a five year-old golden retriever who is slowly becoming famous for offering hugs on the streets of NYC. You’ll often find her casually standing upright on the streets waiting for a passer by with which she can share a hug.

Where can someone go for these doggy-hugs? One of her favorite hug-spots is at the corner of 5th and 17th, so if you’re very lucky you’ll see her there. No matter how “New York” you are, just TRY and hold back the feels.

After such a crazy few months in NYC, we all deserve a little love, even if it is of the doggy variety. You can join Loubie on Instagram and be one of a rapidly growing 10k followers. Check out her pictures below:

Do you like my cheeky smile? Thanks @roverdotcom for the beautiful feature ?

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#tbt Lady in Pink – 2014 ? ? ? ? ?

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Featured image source [instagram]