Are you familiar with the saying “if you don’t succeed, try again?” It seems like this squirrel knows about it, for it is not willing to give up its activity until the final breath.

For one woman, living in the woods equals paradise. She gets to be one with nature, hear birds chipping, and see the changes in spring time. However, from time to time, squirrels can be a little bit of a nightmare for her and other homeowners alike.

One thing that squirrels are notorious for is stealing birdseeds for feeders. I mean, you can’t really blame them as it is on their nature, but at the same time you must find a solution. Here, a little creativity is called for.

One lady decided that she had had enough of this squirrel behavior, but instead of chasing them around, she decided to take a different and more effective approach. After having watched the squirrels climbing on the pole to steal food, she decided to grease it up so they wouldn’t be able to hold on to it anymore.

What makes the video super funny is the non-harmful way in which the squirrel is struggling through the firefighter pole, sliding down every time it manages to make some improvement climbing it.

We can hear the woman behind the camera giggling; we totally get her for we are giggling along as well!