We are all by now aware of making dogs do cool tricks. These little creatures compared to their cat counterparts listen to us humans, or so we think. What about cats however? Can they be taught tricks as well?

The majority of pet owners and non-pet owners alike believe that when it comes to cats and tricks, you are basically yelling on deaf ear. However, the cat’s reaction in the video definitely tells us otherwise; when the dogs roll over, the cat tries to do the same, as if proving us we are wrong.

There are two possibilities here. Either the owner had enough patience to make the cat do the trick or the cat learned for herself, watching her siblings’ tricks over and over. Which one do you think it is? I believe it to be the latter.

The video below gives up the perfect description to a “copycat”. Meet Didga everybody.

After all, if a dog can do something, so can Didga right? She is equally intelligent.

Take a look at this video, showing Didga next to two Rottweilers, showing them how equally capable she is of preforming tricks.